Allergy Symptoms

Allergy symptoms may be mild, moderate, or severe. The degree of reaction depends on the stimulus and the body part involved. Your symptoms may be a function of your genetics, your environment, and other factors – some of which you can control, and therefore avoid allergy symptoms.

Is this image a Dream or Nightmare?

Is a bright blooming spring meadow your perfect day, or your worst allergy nightmare? Sneezing, itchy throat, and watering eyes are commonly known allergy symptoms – but there’s more.

Is it a Cold or an Allergy?

Unfortunately, there is really no good way to tell the difference between cold symptoms and common allergy symptoms of runny nose, sneezing, and coughing. However, allergy symptoms may last longer than cold symptoms. If you have a respiratory illness which lasts more than 2 weeks, you should consult a doctor.

Anaphylaxis Symptoms

Anaphylaxis symptoms may occur within minutes of exposure and can affect you mildly, moderately, or severely. If you have never experienced anaphylaxis, it is important to know the symptoms just in case it ever occurs so you will not be caught off guard. And if you have experienced symptoms of anaphylaxis, we recommend you speak with your doctor to learn what to do and avoid.



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